The Tropica, Singapore

Case Study of Applied Feng Shui in action at the Tropica Condominium.
by Cecil Lee, Centre for Applied Feng Shui Research,
14 October 2000


    The Tropica condominium is a cluster of seven apartment blocks arranged in a horseshoe layout that takes advantage of the scenic view of the tranquil Bedok Reservoir.

Picture above - taken from across the Bedok Reservoir.
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The Seven Auspicious Clusters of Apartment Blocks

    There are a total of 7 clusters of apartment blocks within this condominium development: -

    Under the Lunar Calendar, we are now in the Period 7 i.e. from 1984 to 2004. The Number 7 is considered an auspicious number for this period. Since the development also will be completed in Period 7, this symbolizes Good Luck.

Feng Shui friendly features: -

    1. Rectangular plot of land

      The Tropica is situated on a rectangular piece of land. In Shapes and Form Feng Shui, a rectangular plot of land has good Feng Shui.

    2. Auspicious Horseshoe Layout

      The horseshoe layout is auspicious. It is equally good if the `mouth' of the horseshoe faces the south-side. This `mouth' is known as the Dragon-Tiger gate. In addition, it is auspicous as water flows from west to east to Sungei Bedok. The Summer Place in China was also based on this setting where the palace was built overlooking the Kun Min Lake with the hills at the north as backing.

      The Tropica also shares this concept where the apartment blocks at the north side stimulate the effect of the protecting back hill ridge or `tortoise' to provide a solid backing. The water positions within the condominium and at the frontage of the site provides excellent clear space.

    3. The Auspicious Dragon-Tiger Gate

      The Dragon-Tiger gate is considered auspicious.

      For example, two cities in China i.e. Amoy and Canton are situated at this Dragon-Tiger gate. This is where the Yang Dragon of the East is in gentle embrace with the Yin Tiger of the West.

      The Tropica also has the Dragon-Tiger gate on its south-side with the protective hills represented by the apartment blocks at the north side. The clear space with water positions at the south side is in perfect harmony with the horseshoe wall of the apartment blocks acting as the hills.

    4. Interior Layout Plan

      Generally, it is advisable not to have a toilet at the centre-point of the house or next to the main entrance.

      The internal layout avoided having the toilet either at the centre-point of the unit or next to the main entrance of the home for all 10 major internal layout plans as shown below:-

    [ Type A/A1 | Type B/B1 | Type C/C1 | Type D/D1 | Type E | Type F ]
    [ Type G/G1 | Type H/H1 | Type J/J1 | Type K/K1 ]

    The Tropica is really a good example of Applied Shapes and Form Feng Shui in action.

    Overall, I give this development the thumbs up for being really Feng Shui friendly!

    Cecil Lee

    Center for Applied Feng Shui Research

    This research is done by Geomancy.Net - Centre for Applied Feng Shui Research, It does not represent the views of MyHome and the developer.

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